High performance 90cm (36 inch) Ku-Band

High performance 90cm (36 inch) Ku-Band
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High performance 90cm (36 inch) Ku-Band

Pole mount offset solid satellite dish. This is the minimum dish size you need for reliable Ku-Band signal reception in North America. This dish size will receive 95% of North American Ku-Band TV broadcasts and approximately 80% of Central and South American Ku-Band TV broadcasts. It can be used as a stationary dish or fully motorized with an HH motor to track multiple satellites. Use it to receive linear polarization international programming on satellites 30°W, 95°W, 97°W, 113°W or the major News and Network Feeds and Programs on 91°W, 99°W, 103°W, 125°W or ClaroTV/Shaw Direct/OrbyTV and wild feeds.

Get them all with this dish and an HH motor (sold separately).

Note: For available channels, please see TVROSat

You can also add a circular LNBF to track all Dish USA/Dish Mexico/DirecTV/Bell satellites across the arc.