Avenger 321S-2 Ku LNBF Single

Avenger 321S-2  Ku LNBF Single
Product Code: PLL321S-2
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Avenger 321S-2 Ku LNBF 

LNBF with 300KHz or better stability!  Very affordable price that compares to the price of current LNBFs.

 Now you can get extremely good stability (300 KHz or better) for your satellite system at about the same price that you would pay for a LNBF with 1 ,500 KHz (1 .5 MHz) stability or much worse.  300 KHz or 1 ,500 KHz, which one would you like on your dish?

This LNBF is a MUST HAVE for HD receivers and MPEG4 receivers.  If you are upgrading to MPEG4