Motorola DSR922 4DTV Satellite Receiver DSR-922

Motorola DSR922 4DTV Satellite Receiver  DSR-922
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Motorola, DSR922, 4DTV, Satellite, Receiver previously owned with remote

Replace your customers analog receiver with a full feature 4DTV receiver.  Updates new satellites as they are put into service. Automatic satellite locating, 2 sets of RCA outputs for TV and/or a  home theater  system, S-Video out (both analog and Digital channels), 200+ channels  in  Digicipher format.  Multi-Language Support, Program Timer, Sleep Timer, 4 way UHF remote controls the 4DTV, TV, VCR and  Audio system. This unit do not include the Digicipher decoder.

The DSR922 can be used to subscribe to programming. I have a DSR922 4DTV and I have a sub to an H2H package off of X4. There are feeds on other sats that are ITC from time to time. If you like PBS programming you can go to T4 with the DSR922 to pick up the NETV (Nebraska Educational TV) feeds. There's a section on 4DTV In the clear, unscrambled. You can watch without a subscription. This is what I use my 4DTV for. It also makes a great dish mover for the C-band FTA signals

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