FS1 First Strike satellite finder meter

FS1 First Strike satellite finder meter
Product Code: FS1
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If you have always wanted a professional satellite finder meter but didn't want to pay the "BIG BUCKS", this is the meter for you. 

First Strike Meters are made for the professional but are easy for the Novice to understand and use. 

No more searching through complicated menus to find the setting you need to change.  All parameters show on one screen making it easy for the user to modify any setting.  

Don't let the price fool you, the FS1 First Strike satellite finder meter will give you all the signal measurements that you need to install or re-align your satellite dish at a price you can afford.

•DVB-S2 compliant
•320x240 color LCD
•Unique TimeMachine measurement
•Spectrum analysis with access to specific transponder
•Use spectrum to save satellite data through "blind scan"
•Mini-USB driver free interface
•DiSEqC Switching
•Powerful Li-ion battery
•Faster reaction speed
•May be powered by STB
•Built-in global satellite data
•USB communication port
•PC managing software
•DragUpgrade Easy firmware upgrade.

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