TA18 - 18" actuator

TA18 - 18" actuator
TA18 - 18" actuator
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TA18 - 18" actuator


  • Superior Anti-rust process
  • Epoxy power coated steel tube and high grade plated hardware
  • Excellent water proofing
  • 3 drain holes
  • Super Reed Sensor
  • Ruthenium plated contacts ensures longer sensor life
  • Hermetically sealed in a clean atmosphere to eliminate effects of dust and corrosion
  • Zero oxidation
  • Advanced design prevents sticking, binding or wearing
  • Plastic impregnated for easy installation.


Model Power Supply Voltage REED Sensor Current
TA-18 Actuator DC24-36 <=10mA


Size Stroke Input power Load Capacity Max.Current Speed Ambient Temperature
18″ 425mm 36VDC 2000N 1.5A 2.9-10.1mm/s -26˚C~65 ˚C(-15˚F~150˚F)